My name is Sue Potter and I am an ambassador of the SouthCoast Chamber. I work for Townsquare Media where I represent two of the most dominant radio stations on the Southcoast: Fun 107 and 1420 WBSM. When you think of radio, you might think of a time before smart phones, TV, iPads, Apple Watches. But what you may not know is that radio still reaches 93% of Americans on a weekly basis. People still listen to their local stations on their commute, listen live online or even tune in via an app! Local radio is quite literally bigger and better than ever.

In addition to traditional radio, we offer multi-level solutions to fit any and all marketing needs. Does your website need an upgrade or enhanced SEO? We offer a vast menu of website service through our Townsquare Interactive program. If web traffic is important to you, as it should be, we offer a multitude of digital advertising opportunities within our websites, apps and newsletters. Do you need to push more traffic to your social media accounts? You can be part of our online and on-air contesting which can direct listeners to your Facebook, Instagram, website or mailing list to gain entry into the contests. Do you like getting out into the field to meet new potential customers? Sign on with our Live Events sponsorship where you can get in front of your target demographic whether they are kids, parents, single adults with disposable income and anyone in between.

With all that we offer, ‘well, how much does it cost?’ is always everyone’s first question. Don’t worry – we offer affordable solutions based on your individual budget. There is no budget too small. We can build you an advertising package that fits exactly what you need and doesn’t break your budget. I love selling for Townsquare Media because I know that we can provide the best solutions for our clients, whether they are a national agency or a small, local business.

I have been in the radio industry for 12 years and with Townsquare Media for 5 years. Prior to coming into radio, I was a licensed insurance agent. I enjoy meeting all of the wonderful people I come in contact with through my job, but most of all, I believe in what I sell and I take great pride in my ability to help businesses grow. That is what has made me successful. If you’re interested in advertising, please call 508-999-6690 and ask for Sue Potter.


Source: Various Nielsen Customer Analysis